6000 cases and 1000 court and tribunal appearances

Last year we handled 6,000 cases, took on 1,500 new clients and appeared in courts and tribunals 1,000 times, according to our annual report published today.

Last year we prevented around 1,500 households from being made homeless.  We helped 400 rough sleepers secure accommodation. 

We secure thousands of successful outcomes for our clients each year, helping them turn a difficult corner in their lives and securing their legal rights that keeps them safe and well.

GLC speaks up for vulnerable people from Glasgow, we bring in extra funds to the city and

1,500 people prevented from homelessness and we dealt with £5m of housing debt

 We fight homelessness and rough sleeping. We ensure people have a safe and secure home, so that rough sleeping and homelessness is brief, non-recurrent and rare.

 We increase incomes of the people we help. Last year in Glasgow, we helped our clients with £5m of housing debt, £2m of personal debt and secured almost £1m of social security gains for them. 

Supporting vulnerable people

thumbnail of GLC Annual report June 2019 FINAL

We reach out to vulnerable people. Last year our innovative rights hubs provided our services to over 2,000 people with mental health problems and complex needs.

 We reach out to vulnerable communities. In 2018 we provided our services successfully to over 1,000 minority ethnic clients, asylum seekers, refugees, EU migrant workers and Roma.

 We champion the rights of vulnerable women. Last year we provided dedicated legal and support to over 2,000 women who were fleeing violence, single parents facing homelessness, in relationship breakdown and rough sleeping.

 We develop new and innovative ways to provide our services.  We have set up a Virtual Law Centreto reach rural communities so they can access law centre services.

Education Law Unit

Our Education Law Unit directly advises Scottish Ministers on how to improve the education of disabled children in Scotland.

Our Education Law Unit helped Scottish Ministers to incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scottish law. 

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