GLC staff


Senior management team

Mike Dailly, Solicitor Advocate & Principal Solicitor

Candy Walker, Service Manager

Rachel Moon, Partner

Legal & Casework team

Christine McKellar, Senior Solicitor / Legal Services Manager

Laura Simpson, Senior Solicitor/ Legal Services Manager

Lorna Walker, Senior Solicitor/Head of Prevention of Homelessness Services

Holly Sloey, Solicitor

Sophie Berry, Solicitor

Charis Brooks, Solicitor

Chloe Minto, Senior Solicitor, Education Law Unit

Kathryn Cochrane, Solicitor, Education Law Unit

Lynda Nour, Solicitor, Education Law Unit

Ross Wight, Education Law Unit Caseworker

Sophie McBride, Money Adviser

Isobel Stott, Peer Support Worker (Women’s Rights)

Administrative Team (Govan)

Margaret Sneddon, Senior Legal Clerical Officer

Ann-Marie O’Brien, Legal Clerical Officer

Joanna Campbell, Legal Clerical Officer

Archie Dalrymple, Management Accountant & Finance Officer

Policy & Research

Danny Phillips, Research and Policy Officer


Rachel Moon, Partner

David Lawrence, POHS Case Worker (North East Project)

Lyndsey McBride,  Legal Case Worker & Welfare Rights Officer

Monique Miller, Welfare Rights Officer

Aisla Clark, Legal Clerical Officer

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