GLC staff


Senior Management team

Mike Dailly, Solicitor Advocate & Principal Solicitor

Candy Walker, Service Manager

Alistair Sharp, Senior Project Manager

Lorna Walker, Senior Solicitor/Legal Services Manager (partner)

Legal  team

Christine McKellar, Senior Solicior / Legal Services Manager

Laura Simpson, Senior Solicitor/ Legal Services Manager

Jennifer Barr, Senior Solicitor

Shaista Rehman, Solicitor

Agnes Maxwell – Ferguson, Solicitor

Laura Brennan, Trainee Solicitor

Wendy Malloy, Private Rented Sector Tenants Team Co-ordinator/Senior Caseworker

Jitka Perinova, Money Advice & Financial Inclusion Officer (maternity leave)

Chris Waite, Vulnerable Person Caseworker

Brian Roberts, Vulnerable Person Caseworker

Michael Allan, Financial Capability Caseworker

Jennifer Brennan, Welfare Rights Worker


Margaret Sneddon, Senior Legal Clerical Officer

Anne Taylor, Legal Clerical Officer

Ann-Marie O’Brien, Legal Clerical Officer

Joanna Campbell, Legal Clerical Officer

Mary Dalziel, Finance Officer

Diane Gillespie, Finance Officer

Danny Phillips, Research and Policy Officer


Rachel Moon, Senior Solicitor/Legal Services Manager

Irzum Mahmood, Solicitor

Sally Mair, Trainee Solicitor

Donna Alexander, Vulnerable Persons Case Worker

Jitka Perinova, Welfare Rights Caseworker (part time) (maternity leave)

Kirsty McMeeking, Legal Clerical Officer

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