Glasgow Times with Mike Dailly

GLC Solicitor advocate Mike Dailly writes a column every week in the Glasgow Times. We will publish a link to his column on this site.

Mike will write about our campaigns for social justice and community rights in “the best community paper ever”. He will focus on the solutions we need . Mike is proud to be a Glasgow Times as a weekly columnist. And will endeavour to represent all voices from across our city.

Meet the top Glasgow lawyer who is a new columnist at The Evening Times:

 It’s not fair for councils to charge disabled people:

Mike Dailly: Glasgow City Council’s hands are not tied on lock changes:

Mike Dailly: Don’t get ripped off. Seek advice on money trouble:

Glasgow has lost magic and charm of Christmas:

Here’s what’s on my mind as Govan Law Centre turns 25:

We need spirit of Mary Barbour to reform rents:

Tackling zombie credit after festive season gift splurge:

Victory over landlord last week was a crucial start:

This new scheme will improve our financial wellbeing:

Joined-up approach can help to cut reoffending:

Audrey’s inspiration can give hope on any rainy day:

Glaswegians are paying for equal pay claims case:

Here’s how we ensure all in Glasgow have voice heard:

How to get on top of money worries before it’s too late:

Dignity must be restored to welfare rights system:

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