Campaign against cuts to homeless services in Glasgow

Govan Law Centre are continuing their campaign against the cuts to homelessness services in Glasgow. Read our latest story in the Evening Times.

Mike Dailly, GLC solicitor advocate said: “It’s going to put in jeopardy the lives of hundreds of vulnerable people in this city. This decision is reckless and it’s incompetent. We don’t have enough provision in the city just now, so cutting 100 homeless beds is wrong.

“If this goes ahead there will be an humanitarian crisis in Glasgow . There’s going to be hundreds of people put at risk, people have died on the streets of Glasgow.”

They are using the Housing First policy to justify homeless service cuts. Mike Dailly, said: “Housing First was intended to be in addition to current services, we urge a rethink. This is like saying people shouldn’t have to go to a food bank so we will close 7% of them to help people who are starving. The council’s reasons are patronising, out of touch incredulous Orwellian doublespeak.

This decision also illustrates also shows how opaque, exclusive and unaccountable the Integrated Joint Board is. No public or stakeholder consultation. No listening. No real consideration. Its a nnee jerk policy.

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