Mike Dailly, on BBC radio Scotland speaks up Glasgow’s homeless services

Mike Dailly solicitor advocate, from Govan Law Centre was a guest on Good Morning Scotland, BBC radio Scotland this morning to condemn the decision to cut homeless services by £2.6m in the city.

MIke Dailly said: “How you can work to end homelessness by cutting £2.6m from an already small homeless budget is beyond me. Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government must sit down and re-think a decision which will cause misery for so many vulnerable people in Glasgow.”

The idea that you are going to cut 100 beds and £2.6m from chairties is going to put very vulnerable people in jeopardy. “

Our full statement can be read here: https://govanlawcentre.org/2019/05/08/proposal-to-cut-2-6m-from-homelessness-services-in-glasgow-wholly-wrong-say-glc/

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