GLC’s latest on Serco’s proposed eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow

MEDIA RELEASE: This statement updates Govan Law Centre’s position on Serco’s proposed summary eviction of 330 asylum seekers in Glasgow. 

Govan Law Centre’s Principal Solicitor and Solicitor Advocate Mike Dailly said: “Govan Law Centre is preparing to go ahead with the hearing on interim interdict at the Court of Session on Tuesday 7 August 2018 at 10am in Edinburgh, against Serco Group plc and the secretary of state for the Home Office.

Govan Law Centre has written to Rupert Soames, chief executive of Serco Group plc to say that it would not be necessary to proceed with the hearing if Serco are willing to provide a “formal legal undertaking in terms of the interdict conclusion in our client’s summons pending the courts determination of the merits of the case”. 

In short, if Serco formally agree to give us a legal undertaking which is the equivalent of an interdict taking no further action to evict our client until the court hears the case in full, we agree there would be no need for tomorrow’s hearing in Edinburgh. 

Serco’s statement on Asylum Seeker accommodation in Glasgow published on Saturday, 4 Aug 2018,  makes clear that they maintain their position that they are entitle to evict asylum seekers in Glasgow without further authority from the court.  Govan Law Centre have indicated why we disagree in our earlier statement of 31 July 2018.

The statement by Serco on 4 Aug 2018, also says they say they will extend the notice period by 21 days for the six people currently subject to lock-change notices and pause all further lock-change notices to other asylum seekers who have received negative decisions whilst the law is being tested and clarified.

GLC believes that Serco must put the eviction of all asylum seekers in Glasgow on hold pending the court’s ruling on the legality of lock change DIY evictions.

Please continue to check for further updates.

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