GLC seek interim interdict to prevent Serco evictions

Govan Law Centre solicitors continue to work with MPs, the local authority and charities to raise legal proceedings to prevent summary evictions.

Mike Dailly, GLC Solicitor Advocate said: “I have drafted a summons in the Court of Session against Serco Group plc and the Secretary of State for the Home Department seeking declarator and interdict on behalf of a Glasgow asylum seeker to prevent her eviction and destitution.

Today, Friday 3 August 2018, we will seek interim interdict to prevent our client’s eviction without due process of Scots law. GLC is meeting with other asylum seekers today who are threatened with eviction brevi manu – DIY evictions by Serco which we believe to be unlawful. We expect the hearing to take place on Tuesday 7 August 2018.”

Serco, the public services group,  still intends to evict up to 300 asylum seekers in Glasgow who have been refused refugee status.

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