‘Unique opportunity to improve passport benefits’ says GLC

Govan Law Centre called for the the Scottish Parliament to use this unique opportunity  to improve the link between social security system and passported benefits.

Mike Dailly,  Govan Law Centre solicitor advocate, was giving evidence to the Scottish Social Security Committee.

Mike said: “passport benefits  play a crucial role in alleviating poverty. They help identify those who might benefit from assistance, cut the time it takes to claim assistance, reduce bureacracy and administrative costs and most importantly improve dignity in the system. As people do not have  to continually repeat the claim process.”

Govan Law Centre was giving evidence with One Parent Families Scotland, Child Poverty Action Group, Inclusion Scotland, Disability Agenda Scotland and Citizens Advice Scotland. All were in agreement that the link between social security benefits and passported benefits should not only be maintained it should be strengthened.

GLC called on the Scottish Government to look at how they can increase automation of passport benefits.

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