‘Law Clinics fight for social change’ says Mike Dailly

Mike Dailly, solicitor advocate at GLC, is speaking at  Law Clinic Network Conference on Access to justice in Scotland. He will discuss how we use new technology and partnership working to find solutions to social problems, and how we must use the law to fight for social change.

Mike will say: “Winning a social security appeal can mean the difference between someone having enough money to live on or not.  As can winning an Employment Tribunal.  Defending an eviction or mortgage repossession action means the difference between having a home and being homeless. Ultimately all of these things impact on a person’s quality of life.  And if they have children, how can they do well at school when their parent’s life is in chaos?  Accessing legal advice and representation can literally change someone’s life for the better.

“There must be scope for law clinics and law centres to harness technology to undertake strategic public interest litigation and pro bono legal work in Scotland. I don’t think we have enough public interest litigation in comparison to London.  There is no reason we shouldn’t be doing UK-wide test cases in the Court of Session, as well as cases distinct to Scots law.  Once you have invested in the tech, it can easily be utlised to help empower law clinics.

“Law centres and law clinics are in a prime position to use their casework experience to identify systemic problems within an area of social policy or legal practice.  In my view, that experience should be used to develop solutions, backed up with hard empirical evidence, and used as a springboard for campaign work, lobbying and public legal education.”

You can read his full speech here:

Access to Justice – Mike Dailly speech – 060618

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