CILIPS: Scotland’s Library Advocacy Story

The Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals Scotland (CILIPS) has published two podcasts on the current funding challenges facing public libraries. One in eight libraries have closed over the last decade in Scotland with additional services now under threat across the country.

‘Scotland’s Library Advocacy Story’ is presented by CILIPS’ Sean McNamara, Kirsten MacQuarrie and Leah Higgins and explains the vital role that libraries play in communities and how people have come together to campaign to save their local libraries.

The podcast hears from Laurie Mackay and Hayden Lorimer, campaigners from the Save Aberdeen Libraries Campaign which was formed last year in opposition of the closure of six public libraries in Aberdeen.

In Part Two of the podcast, Mike Dailly solicitor advocate explains the work of Govan Law Centre with members of local communities in raising petition for judicial review challenges in the Court of Session against library closures.

GLC has acted in a number of cases in Aberdeen, Dundee and West Dunbartonshire. The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube or you can listen below.

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