Paul Laverty, award winning screenwriter supports Govanhill Law Centre

Paul Laverty collaboration with Ken Loach. GLC are proud to have made a small contribution.

Paul Laverty, award winning screen writer, has spoken in support of Govanhill Law Centre urging the Scottish Government to ensure it keeps its funding. Paul has been behind many successful films: Looking for Eric, Carla’s Song, My Name is Joe and Sweet Sixteen which won best screen play at the Cannes film festival.

Paul is well known for his meticulous research and GLC was proud to have worked with him. He came to visit us a few times, meeting with GLC staff, to help him understand the experiences of so many of our clients – when writing both: I, Daniel Blake and Sorry We Missed You.

Paul Laverty, screenwriter said: “Before writing the screenplay for I, Daniel Blake directed by Ken Loach I had the great fortune to attend what I would call master classes from the skilled staff of Govan Law Centre who patiently put up with my endless questions. It was not just the detail of many aspects of welfare law, but the lived experience of how the DWP and other institutions treated people in their daily lives. Their work was often brilliant and made huge differences to their clients, and indeed was a service to mental health too. It is not the flashy end of law, but perhaps the most important. Given their massive importance to the communities they serve, I was very sorry to see that Govanhill Law Centre, part of Govan Law Centre, might lose its funding from the Scottish Government. Given the precarious times we are in, and the fragility of so many lives, whether it be work, or accommodation, or benefits, health or much besides, it seems a very short sighted decision that will cause much devastation to those who need legal support in times of crisis. We need to defend the vital work law centres do, and recognise how important they are to the fabric of our communities.”

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