Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre support for Govanhill Law Centre

Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre have issued a strong letter of support for the campaign to keep Govanhill Law Centre open.

Govanhill Law Centre was unsuccessful in its bid for funding from the Scottish Government meaning its vital work is under threat. Govanhill law centre is part of Govan Law Centre and has been operating in Govanhill for over a decade. We continue to campaign to keep it open.

Castlemilk’s Principal Solicitor, Angus McIntosh, said: “I believe that in the current period legal advice and representation services should be increased and not reduced. The services offered by our respective law centres were and are complementary and I think it is important that we work together to ensure maximum legal help for local people. I hope that you are successful in maintaining your services in Govanhill”.

GLC’s Principal Solicitor, Mike Dailly, said: “We thank our fellow law centre for showing solidarity and standing with Govanhill Law Centre. Law centres in Glasgow complement and work together strategically where possible for the benefit of Glaswegians. Law centres are vital in the struggle for a fair, equal and just society. We need more of them in Scotland, not less”.

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