Joseph Rowntree Foundation call for action very welcome, says GLC

Govan Law Centre welcome the Joseph Rowtree Foundation report (JRF is an independent social change organisation working to solve UK poverty). We join JRF in calling for the UK government to make the £20 uplift to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits permanent, and extending it to legacy benefits rather than going ahead with the planned cut in April 2021. JRF say this would stop over 6 million of our worst-off families, across the UK, having their annual household budgets slashed by £1,040 overnight.

The JRF launched their State of the nation report which includes Ten Urgent Actions which need to be taken by the UK and Scottish Governments.

Govan Law Centre has been campaigning for many of these actions: to increase Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits, the eviction moratorium and restrictions on rent increases to ensure renters can stay in their homes, provide emergency accommodation for rough sleepers, further support for low income home owners and increased support for children with additional needs. We welcome the focus that JRF have brought to these issues.

Lockdown is difficult time for many families and Govan Law Centre is seeing a big increase in the numbers of people they are dealing with who are struggling during this time. We will continue to campaign for further safety measures.

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