Thankyou to our funders

Govan Law Centre thank all our funders, old and new, who have stood by us in 2020 and helped us to see 3500 new clients over lockdown. This has been a difficult year, but we are particularly proud of our staff who have done everything they can to assist as many people as possible, and they could not have done such great work without funding support.

Recent funding success has included:

The Wellbeing Fund provided us with 3 months funding from April to June 2020, this helped to print flyers and leaflets, and advertising in our local media encouraging people to phone us. Plus we also got some funds to increase capacity for a solicitor, caseworker, welfare rights, debt and money advice.

Foundation Scotland: have provided extra funds up to the end of March 2021. This has helped us fund a solicitor to specialise in employment cases to deal with unfair dismissals, unpaid wages, redundancy, furlough schemes and other govt support.

SCVO Communities Recovery Fund provided extra support to help us equipment for remote working: laptops; mobile phones; online legal resources; digital media platform to help our clients access our services more smoothly using WhatsApp, messenger, our free-phone, email and other methods.

Let’s hope the roll-out of the vaccine in 2021 means life will start to ease for all of us. But we are acutely aware that many have serious problems ahead. Please be assured that Govan Law Centre will do everything we possibly can, working with our partners, to help support you through this.

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