Govan Law Centre is campaigning to save your law and advice centres. Glasgow City Council (GCC) are proposing to cut over £2m each year from its funding to Glasgow’s community law centres, citizen advice bureaux (CABx) and local money advice agencies. That’s a 60 per cent cut across the board and £5m removed from Glasgow’s free advice sector over the next two and half years.

Such a savage axe wielding may force the closure of Castlemilk Law Centre – the oldest law centre in Scotland – and five CABx in Glasgow’s East End and South East.

Govan Law Centre would see one third of council support disappear from next month.

Mike Dailly, solicitor advocate at Govan Law Centre said: “Why would any local authority reduce the capacity of its free advice sector during the worst pandemic in our lifetime? Why would you hollow out the hull of your lifeboats in a time of crisis? Cut lifelines for the most vulnerable people in our communities? Make no mistake we are sailing into a brutal economic and social storm.”

Mike Dailly Govan Law Centre. Video credit: Alan McIntosh Scottish Adviser

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