0800 043 0306 Free Legal Advice

To support more people in Glasgow, we are launching a new free helpline today. If you live or work in Glasgow you can call a new freephone number 0800 043 0306 and gain access to a solicitor, money advisor, welfare rights worker or housing caseworker, who will provide confidential advice and representation for free.

These are difficult times and there is a growing need for good quality advice and legal support as the COVID-19 crisis ensues. We know people are needing urgent help.

Despite the fact no-one should get evicted in the city – with temporary legal changes – that doesn’t stop private and social landlords threatening to do so. Tenants need support.

Many also need help with applications for guardianship, powers of attorney, medical evidence for benefits appeals, employment cases and evictions, to mention but a few issues. The civil courts will soon extend their accessibility and services remotely as the lockdown continues.

There are also unexpected disasters. Following the recent fire on Albert Drive in Pollokshields we were contacted by residents for help around insurance, liability for repairs, the council’s duties and role, appointing a factor and a number of other things.

Scotland is going to need some new laws when we come out of lockdown. We will need to protect our most vulnerable citizens and we will continue to campaign for further protections: fair rent control legislation and a new form of debt relief for those who are at greatest risk.

But in the meantime, free legal advice is also available online at govanlawcentre.org. If you need help, please get in touch.

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