Talk Money Talk Pensions Week

As part of Talk Money Talk Pensions Week, Govan Law Centre is campaigning to get us all to talk about their personal finances and planning for retirement.  Talk Money Talk Pensions Week is from Monday 18th to Friday 22 Nov 2019.  The campaign hopes to:

• Have more open conversations about money. 

• Share tips and advice for tackling debts and managing money. 

• Encourage people to make sure they claim the benefits they are entitle to.

Throughout this week we will encourage improved financial wellbeing and better money management by providing advice and information through social media.  Each day we will cover a theme.     

Many factors impact on our financial position. Universal Credit, welfare reform and poverty more generally are just some of the issues which put people more at risk of homelessness.  

There is never a better time than now to talk about money. Our strategy aims to offer help at the earliest stage, provide easy access to advice for people across Glasgow and raise awareness of other sources of help for those who need it.  

Our Talk Money, Talk Pension week we will talk about:

Income Maximisation, Monday 18th November

Debt and Money Management, Tuesday 19th November

Fuel Debts, Wednesday 20th November 

Arrears and Eviction, Thursday 21st November

Pensions, Friday 22nd November

At Govan Law Centre we offer housing and homelessness casework,  Financial Inclusion and Financial Capability services, Welfare Rights services and legal representation through a combination of office, home visit and outreach appointments.  

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