Lorna Walker, senior solicitor, appointed GLC partner

Govan Law Centre is delighted to announce the appointment of Lorna Walker as a partner in the firm of Dailly & Co., Solicitors at Govan Law Centre. Lorna is a senior solicitor at GLC and been with us for five years.

Mike Dailly, principal solicitor and solicitor advocate said: “Lorna has been a senior solicitor at the law centre for a number of years leading on our casework to accommodate rough sleepers, people threatened with homelessness and at the sharp end of austerity. She has also been responsible for our vital work helping women and children make new starts in life after domestic abuse”.

“Lorna’s contribution to GLC has been outstanding and she is a first class social welfare lawyer. Her appointment as partner strengthens our senior management team, along with Candy Walker, Alistair Sharp and myself.

“Lorna will lead on new case management and IT systems for GLC, and we will be making some new announcements of exciting and innovative projects across Scotland early next year”.

Lorna and Mike siging partnership agreement

Lorna Walker, new partner at GLC said: “‘I have always felt very privileged to do the work I do. I had always admired the work Mike and Govan Law Centre has done”.

“I started working at Govan Law Centre in September 2013 as the senior solicitor for the Prevention of Homeless Team. This involved going to outreach hubs across Glasgow to enable us to engage with more people facing homelessness. I always felt very privileged to be able to assist people facing these challenges.”

She added: “I was on maternity leave when Mike asked me to be a partner at Govan Law Centre. I was delighted as this had always been an ambition of mine. I have always felt very proud to be part of the team at Govan Law Centre as we have such a strong team of solicitors, experienced caseworkers and money, debt and welfare rights advisors.”

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