Carers Unmet Legal Needs

This is our own research into the: Unmet legal needs of Carers

The research approach is qualitative and carried out by an independent social researcher – Susan Solomon.

The research ‘Unmet Legal Needs of Carers’ was launched in the Scottish Parliament on 7 February, by the convener of the local government and communities committee Bob  Doris MSP. We are very grateful to him for supporting our work.

Susan spoke to carers and carer support organisations to ask what their needs were.

We are pleased to say that Carers who had engaged with Govan Law Centre had had a positive experience. We were seen as expert, professional, open and welcoming.

Govan Law Centre has seen a rise in a sharp rise in our work with carers. We are seen as an expert organisation in the field, and we are also building stronger relationships with carers organisations and taking on more cases.

But also this is due to the rise in ageing population and cuts in services – particularly to local authorities.  In other words this is a need that can only grow.

However we needed to understand the issues from carers point of view.  We wanted someone to speak to carers to find out from them, and the organisations who support them, what the issues were. How we could change the way we work, or develop project ideas to support carers.

  • Where do carers go for advice and information?
  • What are the issues when carers deal with private solicitors?
  • What would they like to see from a legal service?

This is interesting useful research. I am not sure it has any big surprises for those who work with carers, but we needed to hear it anyway – direct form carers themselves.

We should remember carers are not a homogenous group. Each carer is unique and will have an range of needs individual to them.

But we need to understand what these needs are, so we can carry out our duty, to help us meet the legal needs of carers.

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