Annual Report 2017

GLC has published its 2017 Annual Report. You can read here: GLC Annual Report 2017 (Online).  We believe everyone, not just those who can afford it, must have access to high quality, professional legal services. In fact, in our view vulnerable people now need legal services more. This is why we take our services out into the community with more home visits, rights hubs, community surgeries and why we work in partnerships with other organisations.

We also know the law plays a crucial part in tackling poverty and discrimination and we are determined to play our part in improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people. We hope you agree that Govan Law Centre has been doing a good job: preventing homelessness, increasing incomes, improving housing conditions, helping clients to repay debts and righting injustices.

However we are never complacent, we know the face of poverty continues to change. We know we must continue to learn and develop our services to meet the changing needs of vulnerable people: our ageing population, increasing numbers of those in low paid work, increasing numbers of private tenants, people who are coming to live here in a new country, those who feel vulnerable because of our changing relationship with the world, or the persistence of poverty and discrimination in our communities.



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