Parliamentary bills

The Parliamentary and Social Policy Unit is managed by Mike Dailly, Principal Solicitor, with support from GLC solicitors. We have assisted with the following law reform projects:

Abolition of Poindings and Warrant Sales Act 2001

Breastfeeding etc., (Scotland) Act 2005

Family Homes and Homelessness Bill – Robert Brown MSP

Bank Arrestment Bill – Alex Neil MSP

Prevention of Homelessness Bill – Mohammad Sarwar MP

School Meals (Scotland) Bill – Tommy Sheridan MSP, Alex Neil MSP and John McAllion MSP

Health Board Elections (Scotland) Bill – with UNISON for Bill Butler MSP

Treatment of Drug Users (Scotland) Bill – Rosemary Byrne MSP

Education (School Meals etc.,) (Scotland) Bill – Scottish Free School Meals Campaign for Frances Curran MSP

Gypsy Traveller Law Reform (Scotland) Bill – UK Gypsy Traveller Law Reform Coalition

Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011- Patricia Ferguson MSP

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