Welcome to Govan Law Centre’s blog

Welcome to Govan Law Centre’s blog. This is where we will update you on our work, on our law cases and ideas to improve the lives or our clients.

Govan Law Centre uses the law to end poverty and discrimination. And we use our campaigning and lobbying skills for social justice. We have written more parliamentary bills then any other organisation in Scotland (outside government). We work with political representatives from all political parties, civil servants and civic Scotland to promote policies and law that we think will improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in Scotland.

Govan Law Centre meets the legal needs of the most vulnerable people. We have been here since 1995. We will continue to be here as long as we are needed.

Please share our work, comment on our ideas, and we welcome debate. Please do what you can to support us. Support our campaigns, or donate financially or your time, or share this website on social media.

And thanks! Remember we can only do this together!