Education law unit

Govan Law Centre’s Education Law Unit is Scotland’s expert legal resource in the field of school education. We focus on tackling discrimination, promoting human rights and the rights of disabled pupils and pupils with additional support needs. This is a national project, we can advise anyone in Scotland – although we may not be able to represent you.

Our Education Law Unit works in partnership with schools, education authorities, parents’ groups and charities across Scotland to make pupils’ rights and parents’ rights in education a reality. It is run by specialist solicitors and education caseworkers. It is funded the Scottish Government. Our ongoing work with outside organizations, results in them being more aware of the rights of children with additional support needs and those of their families and are better able to assist in securing those rights, even in the face of difficulties and delay.


We provide legal representation in appropriate education law cases to parents or pupils. Our solicitors regularly represent cases in: Additional Support Needs Tribunals; Sheriff Courts; and the Court of Session.

Education Law Helpline is available to anyone who has an enquiry about any aspect of education law in Scotland. You can make an enquiry by telephone (0141 445 1955) or e-mail ( We aim to respond to all enquiries by the following working day.

In-house training to advocacy groups, parents’ organisations, the voluntary sector, schools and other education professionals. Our solicitors and case workers regularly contribute to seminars, conferences and training events. We are happy to tailor events to meet your requirements.

Information and guides for pupils, parents and schools on aspects of education law. Our information work include: A guide for parents on bullying and the law; Pupils rights using social media; guidance on the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004; and additional support for learning for looked after children.

INFORMATION WORK Our aim is to inform parents, pupils and others about the rights and responsibilities. We hope to empower families and pupil to make the right decisions and to work with the right agencies to help them get the education they are entitle to and to protect the children from harm.

Let’s Talk ASN service is run in partnership with Kindred in Edinburgh. This contract is funded by Scottish Government and is due to come to an end in March 2017. Talks have been ongoing and the Scottish Government have asked GLC and Kindred to continue with the service for another year, to end of March 2018. The service provides advocacy support for families with a right of reference to the ASN Tribunals for Scotland.

Strategic litigation and policy unit allows solicitors to represent pupils or parents in cases of strategic importance.