Govanhill law centre

The client group at Govanhill is diverse, and the high percentage of private landlords in the area, creates a different working environment to that of the main office at Govan. Our work in Govanhill is funded by Scottish Government’s Equality funding and Glasgow City Council service to the north east of Glasgow.

The service is provided by the Principal Solicitor, Service Manager, Senior Solicitor, one trainee solicitor, part time caseworker, legal clerical officer and law student volunteers. Our caseworker speaks vital community languages, it has helped us build trust within the community.

70% of Scotland’s Roma community live in Govanhill
36% of housing in Govanhill is private rented sector
62% of our clients live in the private rented sector
31% of our clients are disabled
60% of our casework deals with housing issues
78% of our clients are BME
75% of our clients speak English as a second language or require an interpreter
Key part of our work protecting our clients from evictions illegal evictions, and improving properties which below the tolerable standard


Outreach services are provided at The Well. Two legal clinics a week are provided at Greater Easterhouse Money Advice Project A weekly clinic at Bridgeton Library. We have a dedicated home visiting service provided to North East Carers. And we regularly attend local community group meetings

Govanhill continues to deal with a large number of emergency illegal evictions, which is intensive and time-consuming work.

We have an excellent relationship with the police. The police now support us in handling illegal evictions and criminal landlords. With our support, clients have given statements to the police concerning the actings of landlords and several landlords are now being prosecuted.

Govanhill is designated as an Enhanced Enforcement Area. This gives Glasgow City Council (GCC) greater powers to investigate housing conditions. The Team have worked hard to create a good working relationship with the GCC team to assist clients living in below tolerable standard properties.

We work with all local partners to improve living conditions in Govanhill.